Nasko Х. and the singing apple tree

Nasko H. fell in love and jumped into the dark green crown of the apple tree. As he was falling, he passed with reckless easethrough a thin cirrus cloud of intention, cut through a mist heavy with drowsy desire, and then latched ontoa rapturous tailwind and was borne downwards ina happily confused sandstorm. He was flying with the seductivepeace of mindof aloser and a thought was just about to reach him when he doveinto the green air of the apple tree’s crown. Intermittent blossoms outlined the trajectory of his happily falling body, but Nasko thought, this is what happens when bodies fall into apple trees.

He was almost ready to understand this last idea, when like a rulerpassing by,a swarm of fireflies snatchedit away with their fiery carriages. Nasko H. was roaring, whizzing, steaming and spilling into air so green it was almost dark, when he noticed thousands of gleaming specks. In hisaccelerating love, he couldn’t tell if these were comets, wrecks of galactic ships, or just ordinary cosmicdust. The dots were flashing, wandering around, tracingperfect or irregular geometric shapes, as if a celestialtailor was taking measurementsforthe flying man’s blazinggarment.