An Instrument for Time at a Standstill

MMan lives not to become divine and attain immortality, but to add time to what lifespan the Creator granted him and multiply it through hours lived in happy timelessness, stated Bartholomeo before the austere and humourless Court of Inquisition while defending his right to design and assemble his strange devices. What one experiences in this manner constitutes a legacy the Creator receives from each soul that lives; thus, the minutes He has for bestowing to the newly born grow longer and inflate like airships full of luminous air.

Unexpectedly for the small-town malevolence of his fellow citizens, who were busy sweeping their backyards for twigs to build his stake higher, Bartholomeo Ghiberti was acquitted. His traces fade after late 1634. A fire swept through his workshop. Only three of his mechanisms were rescued alongside a small partially burnt parchment scroll that stated their names and manner of operation in a rather laconic and most arcane style.