Nasko H. and the labyrinth with oranges

The oranges on his left shinedbrighter and he set off along thelane,barely discerniblebetween the tree trunks. He walked a long way, guided only by the light of the fruit. Each step he took extendedthe labyrinth, moving him delightfully furtherfrom both its beginning and end. After years of constant walking, he stopped and picked an orange, peeled it, and thensuddenly discovered names on the bark of the trees.

There were only women’s names, carved with a sharp knife. For a long time, Nasko H. continued to take the branches in the paths ahead of him, until he finally realizedtheywere the names of the women he had loved, the ones he had desired, the ones he had made up so he couldcarry on, led by just the small flashes of light off the oranges, with fingers sticky from the eatenfruit.